Welcome to School Wars!

Since the creation of Secret Wars 3 years ago, we have built up quite a bit of hype and press attention... This has done wonderful things for the event and has also helped generate huge interest from people who are under 18 years of age.

"School Wars was thoroughly enjoyable. We witnessed professional artists at work which was a great experience, then created our own art. I can't for next year!" - Dan McHale

"An amazingly fantastic experience. The artists have inspired me to draw forever!" Rory McGetrick

These people have tried and failed to get into our regular Secret Wars nights across the country and have constantly emailed Monorex to ask for change!

Finally after much planning and energy from the Monorex & edding camps...School Wars was born! Created from a frustration and strong demand for Secret Wars to cater for the core youth of this World..

Here you go! Enjoy

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Long version of School Wars event in London

Here is a longer version with interviews from various people involved on the day...

Thanks to all the sponsors and artists who helped make this happen!

Edding UK, Reebok, SUSO and of course Ubisoft!

More events coming soon

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Reeps 1 beatboxing at the Secret Wars London Final Series 3 earlier this year...


A little taster of what went down in October @ Village Underground, London

16 schools went head to head in team art battles!

Sunday, 1 November 2009


On the 23rd October, Monorex hosted the first ever large scale School Wars finals - This at first seemed like a logistical nightmare with the limited time we had to set up and recruit 16 schools. But with lots of hard work from everyone involved and the huge support from our lovely sponsors Ubisoft, edding, Reebok and Suso.

The whole event was one massive experiment but one that went really well! I am proud to say all the students and schools involved expressed how much fun they had... Quotes and interviews coming soon.

The Turtles Challenge wall created by Alfa & Stika

Wii action in the SUSO area

Some of the walls created on the day

Nintendo Wii action, we had 6 booths around the space

Team portraits

Close up shots of the action and workshops with team Monorex and edding

We arranged for Pizza Express Shoreditch to cook us 100 pizza's! A huge challenge for them but one they did in under an hour...

Pizza was obviously selected because it's the Turtles favorite food.

Stika showing a student a few tips

"It's an amazing project that not only entertains the kids but opens their eye's to the idea of 'going BIG'. Most of the young people involved never really get the chance to draw or paint on a large scale because of classroom restrictions, but School Wars can offer the wall space, big juicy markers and guidance that's needed to produce these large pieces." - STIKA

The prizes supplied by our generous sponsors:

Ubisoft - 5 X Wii machines (one for each winning team member) + a copy of the Turtles Smash Up game each.

Reebok - A fresh pair of Reebok kicks from the exclusive Reebok lounge

Edding - A range of pens and drawing equipment

And the famous golden marker pen medals (hand made) with an extra special trophy for the School cabinet!

Some of the teams afterwards outside in front of the wall

The winners Canterbury College

Stanborough school (A&B)

My old school Sandown high school

The winning wall in this years final - Canterbury College

School Wars Turtles Smash Up Challenge

Sponsored by Ubisoft, edding, Reebok and Suso


Photography by Jaysus

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

School Wars x TMNT Special Event - October 23rd

If you would like to come down and check out - please RSVP to schoolwars@monorex.com

Monday, 28 September 2009


Hicks vs Reeps 1

Hicks went onto win this cracking battle!

Over 1500 attended with many more stuck outside...


School Wars x TMNT Special Event - October 23rd

We are proud to announce a special "one off" School Wars art challenge will take place on the 23rd October @ The Village Underground, Shoreditch.

The event will host 16 schools from around the country and will run across a full working day (9am till 7pm)! The students that will be taking part will vary in age groups and will battle in school teams for a place in the grand final.

The theme and challenge of this event will be loosely based around the Teenage Ninja Turtles, celebrating its anniversary and new game release "Smash Up".

Monorex crew will be commissioned to paint the large wall of fame out of the front of the venue - watch out for this as it will look amazing!

Sponsored and supported by Ubisoft, edding and Reebok

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Old video from the archive!

A little project we did last summer with Kingsbury school in Wembley

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sandown High School (Isle Of Wight)

Stika and Jimi Crayon teaching at Sandown High School on the Isle Of Wight